A* pathfinding

Pathfinding in 3D space with obstacles of any shape using a specially tuned version of A*.

ORCA-based local avoidance

Agents avoid colliding with each other while moving.

Octree-based navigation graph

Highly optimized navigation graph based on octrees.

Mesh and Terrain obstacles

The obstacle may be game objects with MeshFilter and Terrain components. The navigation graph can be pre baked in edit mode.

Various agents

Agents of different sizes and behavior types can move and interact with each other.

High performance

Fast loading of the navigation graph. Simultaneous operation of hundreds of agents.


Time-consuming calculations are performed in background threads.


Easy integration into your game scenarios. Full documentation.

Modern platforms support

The solution works effectively on the main modern platforms


Pathfinding in 3D

Feel the performance of the A* algorithm in conjunction with octrees. With our implementation, you can search for a paths in 3D space on scenes of any complexity

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Local avoidance

Agents of different sizes moving at different speeds follow their paths without colliding with each other.
All thanks to ORCA

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Obstacles management

Obstacles can be removed and added directly in runtime. All operations are performed asynchronously and thread-safely

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Fine-tuning each agent

Implement any game scenarios by creating the proper descriptions of characteristics for each agent

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Demo scenes


A structure where agents perform pathfinding



Pathfinding in the maze


Space Miners

Different agents of different types perform their tasks


Yielding Agents Behavior

Interaction of ordinary agents and yielding agents


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