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The class whose instance is returned to the _OnFail callback of the Path.UpdatePath() method.

Contains two properties:

  • public PathfindingResultCode Reason – the reason why the pathfinding failed.
    Possible values:
SUCCEEDEDPathfinding finished successfully.
PATH_DOES_NOT_EXISTThere is no path between points. This is possible if at least one of the neighborhood points is surrounded by all sides.
TIMEOUTThe pathfinding took longer than allowed and was aborted.
CANCELEDPathfinding was canceled by the user or Nav3D internal logic.
START_POINT_INSIDE_OBSTACLEPathfinding has been canceled because the start point of the path is inside an obstacle.
GOAL_POINT_INSIDE_OBSTACLEPathfinding has been canceled because the goal point of the path is inside an obstacle.
UNKNOWNInternal error.
  • public string Msg – message with more detailed information about the error.

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